Happy Endings at the Spa?

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I know you may not know what a "Happy Ending" service is...but allow me to clarify it for you.  It is a sexual service at the close of a massage therapy session... Use your imagination.

Here's a funny story.  I have a client who is extremely handsome who went to Las Vegas.  While there he decided to get a massage, while talking to the therapist about the price, she indicated that with "Happy Ending" services the cost would be $50 more. 

He being so naive called me to ask what a happy ending service was.  Now, he's a worldly Kappa man, so imagine my surprise that he has no clue what this term means.   Anyway, after I told him, he was so shocked!  He couldn't believe how matter of factly she talked about it.  (We know that prostitution is legal in Las Vegas).  He asked her how many happy endings she does in a day and she said between 6 and 8.  She said if it wasn't for happy endings she wouldn't make any money.    He said that he spoke with me and that we don't offer the service.  She said "I don't know how she makes any money then"  Wow...has it come to that?  In case you're curious, no he didn't get the massage.  He said he was disgusted by the thought of it. (Women across america say Yaayyy!)

The question is outside of Vegas, do many spa's actually participate in this sort of activity?  As a massage therapist and business owner I have had men ask me if I provide happy endings.  Of course at our facility we absolutely under no circumstance provide ANY sexual type services.  I would venture to say that most spa's Do NOT participate in this type of activity, but I'm sure if you look hard enough there are some that do.

Maybe in the next post I'll talk about the craziest requests I've gotten from clients.

Please comment and give me your thoughts on this matter.  Has any spa ever offered you a sexual service? Do you look for these services?  Let's Discuss.

The Spa Diva

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  • 7/12/2008 10:50 PM brian wrote:
    Just in case your wondering, Prostitution is NOT legal in Las Vegas or anywhere in Clark County, Lived out there for quite a while and people for some reason seem to be misinformed about this... Outside of clark county and easily an hour drive from Vegas, it is.. but then again, why shouldn't it be like that everywhere! Just thought i would clarify that for you!
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    1. 7/23/2008 10:34 AM The Spa Diva wrote:
      Thanks for the clarification.  In my mind I was thinking of brothels being legal.

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